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Growth Guide

Jun 4, 2021

Today’s guest is Mary Esther Malloy joined by my lovely wife, Navah D’Alessandro. Birth stories are a right of passage that every person on this planet experiences yet no two are the same. You think you know how babies are made? You are in for a big surprise. Mary Esther is the owner of Mindful Birth in New York City. It’s no secret that our current systems have a gross misalignment with their business objectives and the sacred act of our fierce women bringing life into this world. Hearing Mary’s insights and experiences in dealing with the system is eye-opening. Her childbirth preparation course hands down changed our experience by giving us the knowledge and tools to navigate the hospital system and make empowered decisions every step of the way. Navah and I had a pretty extreme birth experience with Navah birthing our son vaginally breech without meds- like a boss!

Without the guidance of our core team of Mary Esther, our Midwife Marcy Tardio, and our Doula Maggie Torrance I don’t know what the experience would have looked like so I want to honor the sacred feminine in them and the divine work they do. I'd also like to honor the incredible Dr that birthed our son for he is a rare breed of breech experienced, caring, and willing to take the risk in a time when hospitals and insurance companies strongly push against vaginal breech births, despite their comparable risks to cesarian. I sadly won't name him out of concern for backlash.

Mary Esther Malloy offers families an expansive, holistic approach to childbirth preparation, labor support, and parenting. In addition to teaching childbirth classes, running parenting groups, attending births, and raising her three children, Mary Esther publishes regularly about birth and parenting.